Friday, August 02, 2013

Amani Birth Class - the third

Amani Birth Class - The third session

Saturday the 27th July was our 3rd session of our Amani Birth Class. Let's summarized what we learnt during this 3rd session.
  • The different roles of hormones:
    • Adrenaline - comes when we are in fear, stress, upset and angry. Adrenaline causes blood pressure, dilated pupils and closure of the sphincter (passage or opening) muscles including the vagina. 
    • Oxytocin - natural hormone that poduces uterine contractions and the let down of milk during nursing
    • Pitocin / Syntocinon - Synthetic oxytocin given intravenously to induce or speed labour. May also be given by intramuscular injectioon after birth to reduce bleeding.
    • Prostaglandins - hormones that soften the cervix in preparation for dilation.
  • The hospital environment makes us helpless to give. It gives such psychological effect on us and this leads to fear and anxieties. The use of drugs and hospital protocols and procedures will interrupt the flow of our normal hormones (Oxytocin and endorphin) 
  • What women need to prepare :
    • Physical : walking, ergonomic position, eat for strength, drink for hydration, deep relaxation, empty the bladder as offer as possible, enough rest
    • Emotional : trust in Allah, dua of eas, loving support from her loved ones, lots of encouragement, present of advocate, trust in providers, trust in provider and birth.
    • Mental : dim light, quiet atmosphere, serenity, ensure privacy, talk to her, pray for her
    • Ensure the flow of oxygen for mother and baby as it has the calming effects.
  • The benefits of delayed cord clamping - waiting to cut the umbilical cord until the placenta is born or at least until the cord stops pulsating (approximately 2-5 mins). With delayed cord clamping, it allows more time for the blood to move from the placenta and improves iron stores and hemoglobins levels in newborns.
  • Tips for easier labour:
    • Walk during early labour and stay active as long as possible
    • Drink water to stay hydrated
    • Keep bladder empty
    • Breath slowly, deeply and calmly
    • Rotate the hips during labour
    • etc.
  • A reminder of Mary or Maryam (Alayhassalam), mother of Isa (Alayhis-Salam) on how she gave birth to Isa. She is isolated herself, a woman who remain calm, tunes into her body and turns only to Allah SWT for help can birth without instruction or assistance.
"...she (Maryam) retired.. to a remote place And the pain of childbirth arrive her to the trunk of a palm-tree..." 
[Qur'an 19:22-23]

Always believe in this ayat :
"...Allah does not burden any soul with more the he/she is well able to bear.." 
[Qur'an 2:286]

"Faith conquers doubt"