Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 25- Docs Appointment

Week 25 update - Doctor's Appointment

Last weekend was really about my little munchkin. Firstly, I had my 25th week check up last Saturday morning with Dr. Fatima Najlaa in Kelena Jaya Medical Center (KJMC). As usual, the check up consists of urine test, check my weight gain and the consultation session with Dr. Fatima. Then, Mr. Afif and I went for our first AMANI birthing class together (review coming soon) and on Sunday, we went baby stuff shopping during the Parenthood Expo @ Midvalley Megamall.

Let's talk about my 25th week update.
So far, everything seems perfect alhamdulillah.
  • Baby @ little munchkin :
    • active
    • his weight is 880g (soon to be 1kg)
    • 3D scanning : we were not able to have a clear picture as his/her hand was covering the face.
  • The placement of the placenta is normal

This check up is a bit unusual due to a Tetanus shot. This shot is given in order to prevent  the mother and the baby from tetanus (life-threatening bacterial disease caused by the toxin of a bacterium and enter our body through open wound) and helps to prevent from premature delivery. This is my first shot and on the next check up, I will be getting my second shot as it is recommended. 

Supplements : 
  • Calsium : Dr Fatima doubled up intake to 600 mg. 
  • Obimin : same dose (only at night, before going to sleep)
  • Nuerogain : same does 

Before leaving, Dr Fatima gave my some advice on fasting in this holy month of Ramadhan. I can fast but if, I suffer from a gastric or a vaginal infection, I will be exempted from fasting. I hope this case won't happen in sya allah. Let's just pray!

Some extra update in my 25th week :

  • Craving : Roti boom, papaya
  • Pain : lower back and knees
  • Weight gain : total 10 kg (it's a bad sign!)
  • Clothes: I can fit into my usual t-shirts, however not my jeans, baju kurung, shirts (got get in XL sizes)
  • Mood :  a little bit emotional, sensitive to words
  • Exercise : been walking a lot during the weekends, a little bit of kagel, thighs, back and breathing technique
  • Stretch marks : So far, alhamdulillah. Keep it that way!
  • Swelling : none so far alhamdulullah
  • Baby movement : very active and this time around Mr. Afif could feel it!
  • Fasting : Alhamdulillah going strong. Thank you for cooperating my little munchkin!
  • Smell : I think I'm very sensitive to smell - I could smell the BO of my director who is in his room (10-15metres away) and it's very disturbing!
  • Nap : 10 - 20 mins every day when I'm in the office

So far, this is my updates for the week. Alhamdulillah, I can cope with Ramadhan!

"Happy Ramadhan"