Monday, July 08, 2013

Premium Beautiful

What is Premium Beautiful?

Premium Beautiful is the No.1 health corset in Malaysia and probably the one and only in the world. It uses and it is embedded with F.I.R technology mainly for improving blood circulation. It has helped thousands of Malaysia women rediscover their beauty, confidence and become healthier and healthier in the process.

The Premium Beautiful corset is divided into three main pieces :
 - Long bra / Short bra
- Long girdle
- Waist Nipper

Some features are:
  • Design in mind for 70% health and 30% beauty
  • Helps to improve blood circulation and metabolism including shaping the body
  • Comes with warranty
  • Comfortable ans easy to waer
  • Embedded with Far Infrared Rays Technology (F.I.R)
  • Recommended bye American Chiropractic Association *
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F.I.R - Far Infrared Rays, what it is?

Far Infrared Ray is one of the energy wave that is contained in the sunlight. Unlike the Ultraviolet and microwave which are harmful, F.I.R has positive effect and is proven to be benefial to humans. F.I.R is widely accepted as alternative therapy for various diseases. 

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Should I wear it?

The corset has actually been around for centuries as a proven method to help shape women's body to be more attractive and sexy. Premium beautiful corset which includes with F.I.R creates a complete synergy. It helps to shape the women's body, assist in reducing and maintaining a healthy weight and on top of that, it improves blood circulation and increases metabolism.

Some of the Premium Beautiful corsets' clients are:
  • Post-natal or undergoing confinement period - reduces stretch marks
  • Future brides
  • Back pain and slip disc patients
  • Cyst or fibroid patients
  • Asthma patients - helps to alleviate asthma attacks
  • For ladies who wish to increase firmness of the breast and buttocks
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