Saturday, July 13, 2013

Premium Beautiful Raya Promotion

Premium Beautiful Raya Promotion

Premium Beautiful Raya Promotion is ON! 

Premium Beautiful is Malaysia No. 1 corset which consist of 3 unique pieces - Long/short bra(top pictures), long girdle (bottom left) and waist nipper (bottom right). These pieces are worn together for better results.

Premium beautiful's long or short bra is designed to push up, support ad provide firmness to the chest. Apart of serves as slimming purposes, the unique 'U' shape at the back outlines the back contour effectively. The long or short bra has three pairs of 'Hook-and-Eye' that give you safe and comfortable flexibility. 

Premium beautiful's waist nipper is made of seven pieces of "smart technology" wires which provides support to the waist comfortably as well as upholds the backbone and straightens postures firmly. Its unique body-shape design transfer the fat from the waist to the breasts and buttocks accordingly, thus creating a prefect and well-balanced contour The flexible cutting design creates a perfect contour individually. Premium beautiful's waist nipper is certified by American, Canadian and Quebec Chiropractor Association.

Premium beautiful's long girdle is made of 32 pieces stereoscopic cutting design. It is based on "Fragmentary pressure Compression Theory" that will effectively divert displaced fat to its original position. The unique hip cup cutting and design will effectively rectify the sagging buttocks, enhance the hip curve and prop-up-hip. Its detached contour thigh and buttocks divert excessive fat around the thigh into the hip cup, attaining attractive contour. The fixed pressure compression at the abdomen reduces the excessive fat thus flatten the abdomen. 

If you desire to have some curves and maintain them for this RAYA season, contact me now!

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