Sunday, July 21, 2013

Premium Beautiful : How it is being determined

Premium Beautiful : How it is being determined

Premium Beautiful Corset was designed for 70% health purposes and 30% for beauty purposes. It bring a number of benefits as I mentioned in my previous posts. On top of that, it has a lifetime warranty

Women come in different body type for example, apple, pear, rectangle and hour glass. Each of these women has its own size and not by a simple Small, Medium and Large. So, do you ever wonder how these 3 lovely pieces are being measured and determined? 

We need to measure accordingly in 4 different places. However before the measurement taking begin, you need to make sure that you are:

  • wearing a good fitting bra
  • measuring in CM
  • keeping the measuring tape just right, not too tight, not too loose
  • standing up straight and not sucking up your stomach for waist measurement
The places that need to be measured are:
  • bust : it must be the hightest point of your breast
  • underbust : normally where you bra band is
  • waist : the smallest measurement of you body
  • hips : it must be the highest point of your buttocks area

I hope you ladies out there are clear with how to measure your body in order to get the right Premium Beautiful Corset set.

 If you do have questions on it or you want me to measure you, please by all means do contact me! I will be very happy to help out.

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