Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Obsession with watching vlogs

Obsession of watching

For the past few years, I became obsessed with makeup. I would search for tutorials on YouTube on either how to do smokey eyes, to apply eyeliner or to have a non-makeup makeup look (sounds confusing, doesn't it?). I even searched for makeup, clothes, jewelry haul videos - the youtubers show off that they bought. It was good at first to gain knowledge on how you can be pretty and to boost your confidence level by watching them. But, it is surely not good for your pocket. I remembered last time when I was back in France, I would go to either M.A.C Cosmetics shop, Sephora. Douglas, Nocibe etc just to buy makeup. Not only that, I would hundreds of Euros even through online shopping just to buy makeup! 

As I grew older and the value of money has become significant for me (I was getting married, right?), I really cut down on spending my money on makeup. But, my obsession of watching YouTube videos stayed with me. I would spent hours per days watching theses ladies:

Certain of these ladies, had set another vlogging channel and I became equally obsessed with it! Thes both 2 channe;s are the channels that I'm obsessed with. They talk about life and for some obvious reasons, PREGNANCY
Judy even filmed a few episodes of her wedding preparation in 2011 up to her wedding day. Ever since, I have been following her on YouTube with her husband,  Benji.

Now, Judy and Benji with their beautiful daughet, Julianna vlog every single day for the at least 15 minutes. They show us what they do everyday, their little gateway, family gather and Judy's pre-labour moments. But obviously, being on YouTube, there are a number of negative comments on how they show of Julianna, how they lead their life. However the positive and supportive comments outnumber the negatives. Regardless the negativity, they still continue with their lives. Whenever I watch them, it would bring a smile on my face and of course, Mr. Afif.

My favourite vlog from Judy, Benji and Julianna: The arrival of Juliana Bear

I hope you like them as much I am.