Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Pregnancy Must-Haves

My Pregnancy Must-Haves

So far throughout my pregnancy, I must need certain stuff. This is my personal point of view and it might differ from any other pregnancy ladies out there. 

  • Daily supplements (Doctor's prescription) : to nourish my baby apart from eating healthy

      •  Acid Folic (first few weeks of my pregnancy)
      • Obimin
      • Calcium
      • Neurogain
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  • Fruits - just can't live without
      • Watermelon 
      • Papaya
      • Honeydew
      • Mango
  • My gadgets - to be updated with the world (or should I say with my friends) and keep on searching for information about pregnancy, baby nursery idea, to listen to my relaxation clips on YouTube, watch gentle birthing videos, to be able to connected to The Gentle Birthing Group on Facebook (Pro-gentle birthing group, Thank you Firdaus)
      • iPhone
      • iPad 
      • Laptop
  • Belly belt : first 20 weeks - in order to still wear my favourite jeans
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  • Maternity pants and jeans : starting the 6th month - I particularly love with the band that covers all my belly for extra support. I got mine form H&M for RM59!!
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  • Tops which is flowy, has spandex, lycra, jersey type, cardigan
 Haley Chiffon Blouse - Dark Green
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  • Comfortable bra that supports and flatten my back : Premium Beautiful short bra
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  • Comfy footwear : I'm living in this FitFlop even for work!
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  • Childbirth book : Hypnobirthing, The Mongan Method, Ina May's Guide to childbirth
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  • To be surscribe to Baby Center : I receive notification every week and see the progress of my little munchkin
  • At least 3 pillows (so far, what I need), some pregnant ladies need a pregnancy pillow
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  • Belly lotion : Earth Mama Angel Baby Stretch Oil for night (Thanks Ayzee for the recommendation!) and Mama Bee Belly Butter for day
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  • WATER!!!
  • A portable fan : I feel hot sometimes in the office, Mr. Afif bought me a portable mini fan, such a happy woman I tell you!