Monday, July 22, 2013

Iftar at Wan's

Iftar at Wan's with the family 

Every year during Ramadhan, I have always an Iftar session at my Granma's or we call her our Wan with the whole family. This was my first Iftar session after missing quiet a number of sessions when I was back in France. 

I loved the fact the whole family gathered together, chit-chatting, pic taking session, eating session and not forgetting, performing solat together. On top of the very delicious food that had been brought (Potluck) a by each family. 

The usual food that I always find during our Iftar session is Bubur Som-som Santan and Bubur Lambuk. Talking about it make my mouth waters! Yummy!! What am I going to eat tonight for iftar?
Bubur som-som santan

In that that you did not know, bubur som-som santan is a type of dessert made out of rice flour and coconut milk and it is eaten with gula melaka or brown sugar syrup.The syrup has that fragrant pandan leaves smells. 

Bubur lambuk

As for bubur lambuk or in english, rice porrige, it is made out of rice and coconut milk as the main ingredient. You can add beef, peanut, carrot etc depending on your preference. It is more on the savoury side as compared to bubur som-som santan. 

Some of the pictures taken that night.