Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to wear PB

How to wear Premium Beautiful Corset

As I mentioned in my previous posts, Premium Beautiful Corset consists of 3 pieces - Long/Short Bra, Long Girdle and Waist Nipper. You must be thinking how on earth am I going to wear this? No need to worry. Let me explain it to you the wear it is wore correctly.

For first timers, you might take 5 minutes or more to wear the whole set just like I did when I first got my set. I even sweated! Later, you will be an expert wearing it without any sweat like the first time. 

First piece you need to wear is the Long Girdle.

1. Fold the top of the long girdle outwards as shown on the picture.

2. Put your legs in carefully and slowly. Pull the girdle up using the method "left right left right" until it reaches you hips. Then, you can unfold the folded parts to cover you tummy and the rest of you thigh.

3. Depending on the individuals, the upper part of the girdle should be above your belly button. Slide in one of your hands in the girdle (as shown as picture) and pull up you buttocks while the other hand pushes you buttocks from the outside.

4. Once it is done, adjust the girdle and make sure that the butterfly is aligned to the center of your body.

The second piece you need to wear is the Long Bra.

1. Bend slightly down to that you breasts can fill the cup properly.

2. Fasten all the hooks at your back. Do ask for help from you husbands / roomates / mothers / sisters for the first timers

3. Place your hands into the cup and pull your flesh from the back into the cup. Keep doing this until you can see that you have a 'flat back' especially around the scapula area.

4. Adjust the strap to you suit your comfortable level.

5. Make sure that the diamond (situated in between the cups) and butterfly are aligned to the center of you body. Normally, they will be aligned with the diamond on your long girdle.

Lastly, you need to wear the Waist Nipper

1. Fasten all the hook on the waist nipper. The hooks are placed on the left side of your body and the butterfly and diamond are at the top.

2. Adjust the waist nipper and make sure that it is aligned with the diamond and the butterfly from the long bra.

3. Stand straight, inhale and pull the string to tighten. 

4. Tie once at the back.

5. Bring the rest of the string to the front and tie them together.

And, you are done! It should look something like the below picture.

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