Sunday, July 07, 2013

Decision to be apart of something good

Decision to be apart of something good

Back in 2011 before my engagement, I was in the search of a good corset. Suddenly, I came upon Nadia Bakly's blog and as I read thru her blog, I became interested in the corset that she was promoting which is Hai-O's Premium Beautiful or PB for short. 

I searched and surveyed about PB and then, I decided to send Nadia an email to inquire about it. A few days later, Nadia and Kak Aliah Nasreen came to my place to explain more about the benefits of the product. At first while I was surveying around, I was skeptical about it although I read tons of success stories on it. But, they convinced me about the corset since they themselves were users of PB after giving birth to their bundles of joys.

While explaining about PB, they did mention if I wanted to be part of their partner and join in the business. At that time, I was not ready as I had not completed my studies and in the need of giving the full attention to it. Yeah, I told them why not but not at that particular, maybe after coming back from France for good. 

Fast forward 2 years later, in 2013, I have decided to me part of PB biz under Kak Naa Kamaruddin 's wing after seeing her success in the business and also, my batchmate from TKC, Munirah Zaki. My decision of joining the business has been set way back in January but under certain circumstance (being in my first trimester, I was really tired), I really put my feet in it on 16th June 2013 after having a discussion with Kak Naa, her husband Acap and Munirah. 

Kak Naa has been in the business for 2 years full time (she was a full time housewife when she joined) and she has reached the highest rank, Crown Diamond Manager. Her intention at first, was wanting to help Acap with the household as living in Kuala Lumpur requires tons of money. Looking at her achievements and a few other PB top agents under GLAM (Green Leaders Academy Malaysia) made me want to be apart of it. In sya Allah, with good intention, I too want to be like them.

As for today, I already became apart of GLAM which was founded by Hanis Haizi and I just received my first stock from Munirah today! 

Contact me if you are interested.
 A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. We will see from here what the future brings, definitely with our efforts, prayers/du'a and tawakal. Amin.