Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Biozone Food Purifier

Biozone Food Purifier

I am always conscious about eating healthy and I controlled it when I was in France. Eating 5 portions of fruits and vegetable. Trying not to fry everything. Eating organic. 

But, when I am back, it is a little bit harder since Malaysia is known as food heaven! You can find restaurants, stalls everywhere you go. But do I know what really go into my mouth? How clean it is? How free it is from chemical, preservative when we eat outside? No! Trying not to be paranoid. But, it is the ugly truth! Just yesterday I saw a restaurant opposite my office preparing a type of food and over the raw ingredients were flies. My goodness! I hope that they would wash it first!

Before Ramadhan started, I would always bring food from home to eat it during lunchtime as I know it is clean and it is healthier. But, we can even boost up the level of cleanliness of our food, eliminate chemicals in our food  by using Hai-O's BIOZONE FOOD PURIFIER

It helps to reduce and eliminate chemical, bacteria, antibiotics and preservatives in our food before eating them. On top of that, it helps to get rid of dangerous toxins before entering our bodies and keep our food fresh and taste better.

We are aware of our food raw ingredients for example, chickens are being injected with hormones in order for them to grow bigger, how they are being breeded - in a very closed and tight place with no where to move around. As for our vegetables and fruits, they are sprayed with pesticides, so that, there will be no insect to ruin the vegetables. All these chemical, hormones injection and pesticides do have side effects but why do we want to jeopardize our health?

  1. Fill a bowl (preferably, glass bowl. Avoid using plastic bowl as it will react with it) with water.
  2. Clean up and cut your food into pieces.
  3. Put the food in the bowl.
  4. Make sure that the water cover the food. (The maximum volume of water is 10liter)
  5. Put the medically graded silicon tube which is connected to the ceramic stone inside the water.
  6. Press on the time button to determine the purification time.

Have a look at these demo below:
BIOZONE FOOD PURIFIER uses the ozone technology to purify our food.

The ozone produced reacts with impurities in our food as it is a natural cleanser.

A layer of fat (yellow substance) is forming on the bubbles. 

The bubbles are gathered and this is the ugly truth that we do not want to know!
It can not be burned or melted. However, it hardens!
Wonder what will happen to our body throughout the years with this accumulation in our bodies? 

Apart from purifying our food, BIOZONE FOOD PURIFIER can
  • sanitize baby bottle, toys
  • sanitize kitchen utensils
  • kills bacteria and molds from fridge
  • clean out bath tubs
What  are the advantages of BIOZONE FOOD PURIFIER?
  • safe to use
  • it is proven that it can eliminate the dangerous substance and approved by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), FDA, FSIS, HACCP, EPA, USDA and National Organics Programs.
  • conserve the nutrient
  • consumer and environmentally friendly
  • consistent ozone generation
  • practical - plug and play
Contact me if you have any questions and you want first hand demostration.
012-387 5486

*Credits to Hanis Haizi for the demonstration