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Benefits of PB

Good things with Premium Beautiful

My testimonial

Who does not want to look good for their big day? I was the one of those people and I made an effort to invest in this high-quality, a lifetime warranty corset, Premium Beautiful (PB) in June 2011. I wore it first for my engagement in September 2011 and a year and 3 months later, I wore the same PB on wedding day. I even had to alter my wedding dresses three times (for the left and middle dresses) and once for my right dress.

I wore PB consistantly from June 2011 up to February 2013 and by wearing it, I have maintained my weight at 55 kg which was my ideal weight and my Body Mass Index (BMI) was approximately 20.7. Alhamdulillah I managed to do it and I know you ladies can do it as well. 

I am a food lover! To be honest whenever I came back for my summer holidays, I would put on at least 3-4 kg or maybe more! How crazy was that? There was one time I was at my heaviest, 63 kg in 2006 and I looked super ugly, unfit and unhealthy (I could not find that photo anymore as the has shut down for good in May 2013). I was always on a yo-yo diet just to look good when I was back for holidays.   

How I maintained my weight  by wearing PB? When you are wearing it, it controls your food intake and I eat half the portion that I used to take. Apart from it, I started eating healthy - more vege, more fruits, lots of water, frequent small meal intake and regular exercising.

On top of maintaining my weight, it regulates my menstrual cycle. Before wearing it, my period would come every now and then. Alhamdulillah, with Allah's permission, now, it comes every month. This problem was something I was afraid of - I would face the difficulty of conceiving after getting married. Alhamdulillah, after 2 months of being married, I am pregnant with my first little munchkin. It is true that children are gifts and rezeki from Allah. But if we try, du'a and tawakal In Sya Allah, our prayers will be granted Amin. 

I am not the only who is satisfied with PB. Check these two lovely ladies on their big day below:
  • Razni Amie - look at the "After" picture, in her blog, she mentioned she hated that picture as she was  NOT wearing PB and wearing another brand of corset.
  • Yanie Rosli - she looked stunning on her wedding day

Post-pregnancy testimonials

I have seen ladies who used PB during confinement and post-natal period and the feedback is very surprising. They went back to their pre-pregnancy weight and looking stunningly beautiful. I have yet to try PB during my confinement period since I'm now pregnant.

One of the ladies is Kak Naa. She started using PB after having her son, Daniel. She mentioned in her blog that during her confinement period, she had to wear the traditional bengkung in order to make her uterus smaller as before and to be back in shape. First time she had to wear it, it was being helped by at least 2 people. It was very uncomfortable and difficult to wear, to move, to do your business in the toilet. 

After 2 months of giving birth (before PB)

After wearing PB - can you spot the difference?

That is why she recommends to all moms out there to switch to PB as 
  • it gives good result
  • it is much easier to wear
  • it is comfortable - easier to go to the toilet, move around, and breastfeed you baby
  • it helps to get rid of strech marks and cellulite (provided, you wear constantly)
  • it increases your breastmilk production as well!

I have been following this hot mama, Red Mummy - her pregnancy, her reviews and I found out  that she herself is also one of PB users. She was complaining about her tummy and our mentor Hanis approached her to use PB. By wearing it, she lost almost 6 inches in just 2 months. Wow! I'm amazed by her transformation.


Not only them, check these ladies after wearing PB.

iela jb1 Tourmaline in Premium Beautiful

latest testimonial me1 Premium Beautiful Murah

testimonial g Tourmaline in Premium Beautiful

So, why wait? Own your PB corset now. An investment that will give you full satisfaction for a lifetime In Sya Allah.

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