Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Amani birth class

First Amani Birth Class

When I found out that I was pregnant, I was excited and started reading about pregnancy like typical young and first-time mothers would do. However, I could say I have slightest idea on how I was going to give birth. I would not watch any video on labour and rather not knowing at all about it.  

Alhamdulillah, I have a fellow mother, my ex-collegue, Firdaus who introduced me to a Facebook group, The Gentle Birthing Group Malaysia sometime in April. I was so lost looking at all the conversation that they were making at first. After long searching and gathering some information, then I understood that the group has the believe that 
  • pregnancy and childbirth are natural human processes and should be treated with the utmost dignity and respect
  • each woman has the rights to receive proper pre-natal care
  • each woman has the rights to make firm decisions surrounding the birth of the baby and should not be intimidated or scared in making choices
  • whatever kind of type birth she desires, her experience should not be traumatic - she should feel supported, in control, positive, satisfied and fulfilling
From there, I started to read on what is induction, epidural, water birth, episiotomy, Cesarean etc. Certain of these vocabularies, I have had heard them before but not the pros and the cons. All the drugs or pain relief are used because of FEAR. Why FEAR? If you have not realized, people surrounding us have been telling us the negative side of giving birth instead of the positive. Even in movies, is there any movies about giving birth show the mother does not suffer? No, right? 

Why don't we look and watch these videos?

Don't you think the mothers were very calm while giving birth? How their husband play such an important role during this period? Watching theses videos made me cried (I don't know about you) and I myself want to be in calm, supportive environment, In Sya Allah.

That is the reason why I keep on going back to that group, reading all the conversations and I found out that these ladies are so supportive of each other even though, we don't know one another. Certain of these ladies went thru C-sect before this and they wanted a normal birth without any medical inteferences (forcep, vacuum, drugs etc..) . Before this, I found out that once you have your C-sect, you only can only deliver thru C-sect. Wow, I am dead wrong. Well, maybe depending on your medical situation. But, it is possible. 

Sis Nadine who is the co-founder of the group offers hypnobirthing and AMANI birthing class. Go to her site, My Gentle Birthing to find out more. There are stories (home birth, hospital birth, water birth) on gentle birthing and her own birthing (unassisted homebirth) on her site. They seemed so relaxed, so calm while delivering their babies. 

Afif and I decided to attend AMANI class to gain more knowledge on Gentle Birthing. We went for our first last on the 13th July at 11am. The class is private and we were only 5 couples. Thus, the knowledge transfer was very easy. We were given a copy of the "syllabus" and there are about 6 classes in total. 

Firstly, we introduced ourselves to the other couples and explained what were the reasons and expectation that we attend this AMANI class. Each couple has almost the same reasons and but mostly, we want the same thing which is gentle birthing without any medical interference and better environment.

Sis Nadine then started to class my introducing what is AMANI birth class. The vision of AMANI birth is to bring awareness and to educate Muslims Sisters and Brothers about the miracle of birth as Allah (SWT) has created in HIS most infinite wisdom. AMANI class has the objective of to train Muslim to try alternative way of giving birth not solely on hospital birthing

From the first class, some the things I learnt:
  • The hormone, Oxytocin released during the period of making love is the same as the hormone released during giving birth.
  • The environment of giving birth should be as similar as the environment of making love - dimmed light, private. Who wants to make love or give birth in a room with spot lights and lots of people?
  • Try eliminate and let go of fear in our system when the time comes in order for our system (the blood flow to our uterus) to work normally and as it should. What happens when we are scared? Our heart starts pumping, our hands start to get sweaty. All these symptoms require blood, instead of going to the uterus. That's why some people take longer time to dilate. 
  • The role of our husbands when we, the pregnant ladies are in need. What we observe when we want something from them.
  • No chemical or drugs were proven to be entirely free of going through the placenta and harming our babies.
From the 3-hour class, we also did some relaxation and some exercises with the help of our husbands in order to prepare when the time comes. These exercises are to be done as much as much.

I can't wait for the next class this Saturday, 20th July to gain more knowledge from Sis Nadine and I will tell you a few more points in my next Amani birth class series. 


Anonymous said...

guess what. someone just died today after delivery by this birth group. if you survive, congratulations.. but if u havent delivered, please reconsider. seriously.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. Bled to death due to lack of knowledge. Poor newborn child left without a mum.

Anonymous said...

Kawan saya baru sahaja meninggal dunia krna terlalu taksub dgn group amani birth ini ..dia berkeras utk bersalin dirumh....tolong jgn percaya amani birth class!!!!

Anonymous said...

tak rasa bahaya ke nk bersalin kt rumah? coz u deliver without any support from Dr and medicine. I mean in case hv a complication, do u know what to do? if bleeding or what so ever? my friend baru meninggal smlm sbb follow this way. sis nadine also beside her ystrday. But.... slps bersalin, x keluarkan uri... apakah????

Anonymous said...

Totally agree wif all of them above..ramai kate dulu zaman nenek tok moyang ramai bersalin d rumah ok je?mereka x sedar kadar kematian pada zaman itu berganda2 byknye compare now wif the present of modern medicine..up to you..let juz ask them..what will they do if massive bleeding happen?juz stay they and pray?if vagina tear what will they do?jahit wif sewing kit..?

Ibu beranak dua said...

pilihan di tangan anda.. Tapi sebagai dewasa yang berakal, saya akan memilih untuk bersalin di hospital, di mana gentle birth juga boleh dilakukan. Kita boleh menolak unnecessary drugs, pilihan di tangan kita. Tetapi jika bersalin di rumah, jika berlaku kompliksi, siapa yang akan membantu kita? Cukupkah doula sedangkan CPR pun tak pasti adakah dia tahu melakukannya? Sudah tentu saya percaya qada dan qadar Allah, di mana-mana pun jika sudah tertulis, kita pasti akan mati. Tetapi, kita umat islam kena berusaha menyelamatkan nyawa kita, kemudian barulah berserah dan tawakal kepada Allah. All the best to you!

Anonymous said...

Tak tahu lah macam mana orang boleh ada keberanian nak bersalin kat rumah.. saya bersetuju dengan pendapat2 diatas.. ye memang pilihan ditangan ibu2.. dan bersalin adalah proses semulajadi.. dan untuk mengatakan tok nenek dulu2 bersalin kat rumah ok je, sebab dulu kemudahan nak ke hospital susah n limited.. dan sekarang dah ada kemudahan, lagipun tok nenek dulu tak makan garam banyak, kfc, makanan berminyak banyak okeh.. sihat dan logik la kot kalau nak cakap mereka bersalin takda complications.. generasi sekarang? Bukan niat saya nak menakutkan, tapi adalah lebih baik bersalin kat hospital, sebab kalau ada masalah ada doktor kat situ.. saya bercakap sebagai orang yang belajar perubatan..

Anonymous said...

Dhirah Abdullah said...

Assalam for those who left me comments here.
First of all, thank you for being caring towards my choice of choosing gentle birthing and in case, you do not follow my blog, please check my posts after this post. Alhamdulillah, I safely gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in Tropicana Medical Center which apparently to be a HOSPITAL. I had my gentle birthing with the consensus of my gynae Dr. Fidak. She even supports gentle birth.

By the way, did I mention any in any of my posts that I was going for homebirth? I do not think so. Please seek knowledge before condemning! Gentle birthing group DOES NOT support HOMEBIRTH. All the members of the group wants a birth with minimal medical interference. That's the main reason of the group and my personal reason why I opted for opted for this.

I went for AMANI classes was to gain knowledge on birth. Most of people went for delivery without any knowledge and I wanted to know what sort of procedures that will be done to me. AMANI classes that I went to helped me to believe in myself, eliminate the fear that people around us been telling us and obviously, put the trust in Allah. Never once during the classes Sis Nadine promoted homebirth.

Please please dear readers, please understand what is gentle birthing.

Ps: I am aware of the risk giving birth at home right from the beginning of learning AMANI. I have read the doctor's article.

Qider said...

To anonymous, by commenting using anonymous means you are just stalker. second, you know nothing about gentle birth at all.

Gentle birth and homebirth is two different things.You can have gentle birth at home or at the hospital,it is your choice.amani birth class is only to help mothers on how to manage themselves during labour, not to promote homebirth.

Ramai mak2 meninggal kat hospital,trauma nak bersalin kat hospital,dengan segala komplikasi dengan intervention by docs,orang masih lagi ramai pergi hospital. Baru beberapa orang mak meninggal bersalin kat rumah,dah macam storm orang mengeji sana sini tanpa faham kenapa mak2 ni opt untuk homebirth.

Btw,just to highlight, saya boleh saja sue doc pakar yang sebabkan komplikasi ketika saya melahirkan di hospital 2 tahun lepas, but me like most mothers tak lodge any report atau buka file kat mahkamah juga.Bila ada mak mati kat hospital, cakap yelah doc bukan tuhan..

Lain kali sebelum nak serang blog orang,baca dulu post2 berkaitan.Dahla komen pakai anonymous.

Natural Mom said...

Asalam alaikum,

I have just stumbled upon this post and its comments. I’m pleased you found AMANI classes helpful, masha’Allah.

I am the founder of AMANI Birth. If those who are accusing AMANI would just READ THE BOOK AND MATERIALS they would see it says explicitly WE DO NOT RECOMMEND HOMEBIRTH AND WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO SEEK OUT PROPER ATTENDANCE FOR YOUR BIRTH!

Those who are blaming AMANI are ignorant of its content and it saddens me to see this name bashing by those who don’t even know the program and have not bothered to even reach out to me (the author and founder).

May Allah give ease and truth.

-Aisha Al Hajjar, AMANI

Dhirah Abdullah said...

Waalaikummusalam Sis Aisha,

I am overwhelmed whan I saw you comment on my very humble blog. Yes, AMANI Class was very very very helpful to me and my husband.Yes, it is sad when people around us bash AMANI without knowing what it is.

Keep on doing and spread the words of achieving gentle birth.

Misz Miera said...

Babe ! was googling about Amani then your blog came out. The comments above made me laugh !

Dhirah Abdullah said...

Tell me about it Miera