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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Week 27 update

Week 27 update

Ramadhan is leaving us soon. How time flies! Same goes to my pregnancy and little munchkin is getting bigger and bigger. Alhamdulillah, so far we are still fasting despite the fever and stomachache problem earlier this week. The weekend was a bit tiring for me as we had so much things to do. I even helped out my mother-in-law to bake some cookies and I learnt how to bake Tart Nenas that my husband loves so much. It turned out ok but yeah, a first-timer doing it, there is room for improvement. In sya allah maybe this weekend another round of baking maybe?

Every single week I would receive a notification from my iPhone app about my pregnancy progress. 
It seems that my little munchkin is
  • 14.5 inches long which is approximately around 37cm long - from head to toe
  • My little munchkin is being compared to a size of a cauliflower. I'm having the hardest time comparing a cauliflower to my baby! Yeah, maybe when little munchkin is rolled up in ball.
  • As for the weight, he is approximate about 0.9kg. Little munchkin will be 1 kg in next week! That doesn't really contribute much in my weight gain. It's ok as long as the baby is healthy and kicking away, I am happy!
This week's update : 
  • Craving : Pecan Pie! and I got it at Souka's. Credits to CJ for telling me about it
  • Pain : apart from the stomachache and fever, none.
  • Weight gain : I think in total I gained 12 kg
  • Clothes : been wearing skirts and maxi dresses as they are so comfortable around the waist
  • Mood : emotional as usual
  • Exercise : walking, pelvic tilt, squats, lunges, floor exercise, breathing technique
  • Stretch marks : none so far. alhamdulillah
  • Swelling : none so far. alhamdulillah
  • Baby movements : now, I can detect when is the time my little munchkin likes to move. Sometime, whenever I talk, thinking about him/her, looking through some clothes for him/her, reading up on labour, my little munchkin moves around. I know you are in there my little one. I know you are!
  • Fasting : Alhamdulillah. So far so good.
  • Smell : sensitive to sweet smelling perfume and sometimes, it does give me a headache.
  • Nap : 10-20 minutes during my relaxation exercise.
  • Leg cramps : it's starting! Realised about it during the weekend since I did not take enough calcium and magnesium.
Alhamdulilah, my little munchkin is kicking when Mr. Afif is talking to him and interacting with him. Keep on growing my little munchkin. 

Can't wait for the next update.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Biovelocity Sleep Mate

Biovelocity Sleep Mate

I have been having trouble sleeping lately due to my pregnancy. I am really in the need of having a very good night sleep especially in my final weeks. So that, I will have all the energy to go through labour.  


There is 24 hours in a day and normally, we would divide our hours in 3. So, this comes down to 8 hours of sleep everyday in order to have our body freshens up for the next day.

I am sure that you have gone through the 24 hour without sleep. I know I have during my student times and everytime, I would feel very tired, very weak, not very reactive towards my surroundings because I did not let my body rest as it should.

Why sleep is very important to us?



In order to have a very good night sleep, I have an answer for you and that would be  BIOVELOCITY SLEEP MATE (BVSM)

BVSM helps us in having a quality sleep and at the same time, strengthens our immunity level and metabolisms. BVSM is placed on top of the mattress, under the sheet cover. As it is placed on top of the mattress, it is beneficial to our body in term of maintaining our health, enhancing our immunity and the quality of life. 

BVSM helps in relieving :
  • headache
  • menstrual pain
  • stomach pain
  • muscle ache
  • gastric pain
  • lower back pain
  • stiff necks
  • numbness
What are the benefits of using BVSM?



A number of experiments has been tested in order to prove the effectiveness of BVSM and one of it was, planting green beans in 2 different environments and the other variables (the quantity of water, light, type of soil) were remained constant. 


In conclusion, this experiment proved that even, green beans grew better while it is put on top of BVSM.

BVSM are suitable for those who have:

So far, we have so many good testimonials from the users of BVSM - from those who had snoring problems to stroke due to high blood pressure. These users are either getting better or recovered completely from the illness, Alhamdulillah. I will share more testimonials later. 

I always believe in this : usaha, doa and tawakal.

So why, don't we choose BVSM as a way of preventing these illness? Preventing is better than curing, isn't it? 

The demand of BVSM is getting higher and higher, day by day - for own usage and most of them are for our beloved parents. It will be a good present for them and I really believe that, they would  appreciate it as we are concern about their health. Who doesn't? 

Contact me if you are interested and if you have any other inquiries.
012-387 5486

Friday, July 26, 2013

Second Amani Birth Class

Second Amani Birth Class

Last weekend, Mr. Afif and I went for our second Amani Birth Class. There are a number of knowledge that we gained from this second class. I have talked about why we choose to go to this class in my previous post - " First Amani Birth Class" . 

Let me remind you that gentle birthing is not necessarily home birth. It can also be done in hospital and water birth is part if it. I just want to have drug free and minimal medical interferences during my labour in October in sya Allah with full support from my closed ones and positive vibes in whatever way I can get.

In this second class, we learnt that
  • Allah (SWT) has built-in protections for baby : 
    • Amniotic fluid - regulate temperature, equalize pressure, insulate from infection.   
    • Placenta- provide constant low of oxygen and nutrient.  
    • Mother's uterus, abdominal muscles and fatty tissues -provide strong protection
  • Pregnancy is typically healthy time and most discomforts are normal
  • Common discomforts : backaches, constipation (currently having it!!) , fatigue (so far, only in my 1st trimester), headache, heartburn, hemmorrhoids,illness(fever, cold, coughs-been having these a lots), insomnia, itchy skin, leg cramps, nausea, nosebleeds, crazy cravings, round ligament pain, shortness of breath, stretch marks, swelling, urinary tract infection, vaginal discharge, vaginal infection, visual disturbances
  • Nutrients needed throughout pregnancy
    • Whatever we eat will effect us, our baby and our baby's baby
    • No redo in the growth and development of our baby in the womb.
  • Eating well ensures baby grows healthy and keeps pregnancy low risk - low risk mothers have more options in birth and generally better outcome.
  • Preeclampsia 
    • Characterized by high blood pressure, swelling and protein in urine 
    • Placenta will not be working well due to poor diet during pregnancy that will lead to force surgery. 
    • In order to prevent this, daily intake of protein about 80-100 grams is recommended. Eggs are recommended taken everyday as a good source of protein.
  • Breast feed right after delivering our baby and it will help release the hormone "oxytocin". This hormone causes contraction in order to expel the placenta and helps to control bleeding after birth.
  • Benefits of dates.  Dates are a food of Jannah.
    • Full of essential nutrients, vitamins and vitamins that are required for growth and development. 
    • Excellent choice for breaking fast and labouring women
    • Prevent infection, inflammation (swelling) and hemmorrhaging (excessive bleeding).
  • Drink plenty of water. Avoid drinking caffeine as it triggers the body to get rid of water and be dehydrated
  • Induction of labour is an unnatural process of attempting to initiate and to speed up labour with drugs (fake hormones) and raises risks to mother and baby.
  • How do they check dilation? Through vaginal exam and this will increase the risk of infection. It is better to minimize vaginal exam.
  • Contraction or surges help the baby to find a position to get out from the mother's womb
  • Hormones in our body help the pelvic stretch in order to give way for the baby to be delivered.
  • When a mother is induced, the contraction or surges become often. Every time the surge comes, the heartbeat of the baby will drop. If the surges come too often, the baby heartbeat drops often and this will cause the baby to be distressed. Thus, the increase effect of medical procedures including c-sect.
  • Contraction or surge does not come progressively. Our body might be at rest at a certain point of time. This might frustrate the nurses or doctors and want to interfere our labour with medical procedures.
  • Labour is divided into 3 stages
    • 1st stage : 
      • early first stage - mild contraction
      • late first stage  - active phase when contraction is  hard and strong, a pattern will be establish for example 10 minutes apart for 1 minute
      • transition -  8 cm-10 cm dilate, just before pushing the baby out
    • 2nd stage: pushing phase. During this phase, the time is typically spaced out, giving mother decent rest period between pushes
    • 3rd stage: afterbirth, it is the time the uterus detach and expel the placenta
  • Trust in the mercy of Allah and not surrender to drugs although transition is a difficult time during labour.
All these information are all in the typical pregnancy book. However, the way it is presented during Amani birth class makes it even more interesting and more likely, to be applied during labour in sya Allah. 

Our next class will this Saturday, 27th July and I can't wait for it!

"Mind over Matter"

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

26 weeks update

26 weeks update

Today marked the 14 days of Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah, I am going strong fasting with the little munchkin inside of me. However, there was a down - I almost past out after breaking fast in Masjid Aminah SS2 last Sunday. Maybe it was the heat that made me feel like that. Alhamdulillah, my grandmother's house is just a 2-minute walk away as I rested for about 30 minutes before deciding to go back home and skipped Isyak and Terawikh prayers. This was my second time almost passing out - the first time was at my late grandfather's cemetery but then, it was at 10 am when the sun was blazing hot. 

This weeks update is not so interesting. So, let's get down with some updates in my 26th week :
  • Craving : Roti boom
  • Pain : right waist
  • Weight gain : didn't have the time to check
  • Clothes: similar to last week
  • Mood :  a little bit emotional, sensitive to words, really need some positive vibes and support 
  • Exercise : walking, pelvic tilt, squats, lunges, floor exercises, breathing technique
  • Stretch marks : Alhamdulillah, none so far.
  • Swelling : I guess not yet!
  • Baby movement : very active and I can even see my belly changes its form when little munchkin moves
  • Fasting : Alhamdulillah going strong. Thank you for cooperating my little munchkin!
  • Smell : Ok! Not as bad as last week. Maybe because my boss is not around.
  • Nap : 10 - 20 mins every day when I'm in the office

So far, this is my updates for the week. Alhamdulillah, I'm halfway thru Ramadhan.

"Happy Ramadhan"

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Biozone Food Purifier

Biozone Food Purifier

I am always conscious about eating healthy and I controlled it when I was in France. Eating 5 portions of fruits and vegetable. Trying not to fry everything. Eating organic. 

But, when I am back, it is a little bit harder since Malaysia is known as food heaven! You can find restaurants, stalls everywhere you go. But do I know what really go into my mouth? How clean it is? How free it is from chemical, preservative when we eat outside? No! Trying not to be paranoid. But, it is the ugly truth! Just yesterday I saw a restaurant opposite my office preparing a type of food and over the raw ingredients were flies. My goodness! I hope that they would wash it first!

Before Ramadhan started, I would always bring food from home to eat it during lunchtime as I know it is clean and it is healthier. But, we can even boost up the level of cleanliness of our food, eliminate chemicals in our food  by using Hai-O's BIOZONE FOOD PURIFIER

It helps to reduce and eliminate chemical, bacteria, antibiotics and preservatives in our food before eating them. On top of that, it helps to get rid of dangerous toxins before entering our bodies and keep our food fresh and taste better.

We are aware of our food raw ingredients for example, chickens are being injected with hormones in order for them to grow bigger, how they are being breeded - in a very closed and tight place with no where to move around. As for our vegetables and fruits, they are sprayed with pesticides, so that, there will be no insect to ruin the vegetables. All these chemical, hormones injection and pesticides do have side effects but why do we want to jeopardize our health?

  1. Fill a bowl (preferably, glass bowl. Avoid using plastic bowl as it will react with it) with water.
  2. Clean up and cut your food into pieces.
  3. Put the food in the bowl.
  4. Make sure that the water cover the food. (The maximum volume of water is 10liter)
  5. Put the medically graded silicon tube which is connected to the ceramic stone inside the water.
  6. Press on the time button to determine the purification time.

Have a look at these demo below:
BIOZONE FOOD PURIFIER uses the ozone technology to purify our food.

The ozone produced reacts with impurities in our food as it is a natural cleanser.

A layer of fat (yellow substance) is forming on the bubbles. 

The bubbles are gathered and this is the ugly truth that we do not want to know!
It can not be burned or melted. However, it hardens!
Wonder what will happen to our body throughout the years with this accumulation in our bodies? 

Apart from purifying our food, BIOZONE FOOD PURIFIER can
  • sanitize baby bottle, toys
  • sanitize kitchen utensils
  • kills bacteria and molds from fridge
  • clean out bath tubs
What  are the advantages of BIOZONE FOOD PURIFIER?
  • safe to use
  • it is proven that it can eliminate the dangerous substance and approved by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), FDA, FSIS, HACCP, EPA, USDA and National Organics Programs.
  • conserve the nutrient
  • consumer and environmentally friendly
  • consistent ozone generation
  • practical - plug and play
Contact me if you have any questions and you want first hand demostration.
012-387 5486

*Credits to Hanis Haizi for the demonstration 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Iftar at Wan's

Iftar at Wan's with the family 

Every year during Ramadhan, I have always an Iftar session at my Granma's or we call her our Wan with the whole family. This was my first Iftar session after missing quiet a number of sessions when I was back in France. 

I loved the fact the whole family gathered together, chit-chatting, pic taking session, eating session and not forgetting, performing solat together. On top of the very delicious food that had been brought (Potluck) a by each family. 

The usual food that I always find during our Iftar session is Bubur Som-som Santan and Bubur Lambuk. Talking about it make my mouth waters! Yummy!! What am I going to eat tonight for iftar?
Bubur som-som santan

In that that you did not know, bubur som-som santan is a type of dessert made out of rice flour and coconut milk and it is eaten with gula melaka or brown sugar syrup.The syrup has that fragrant pandan leaves smells. 

Bubur lambuk

As for bubur lambuk or in english, rice porrige, it is made out of rice and coconut milk as the main ingredient. You can add beef, peanut, carrot etc depending on your preference. It is more on the savoury side as compared to bubur som-som santan. 

Some of the pictures taken that night.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Premium Beautiful : How it is being determined

Premium Beautiful : How it is being determined

Premium Beautiful Corset was designed for 70% health purposes and 30% for beauty purposes. It bring a number of benefits as I mentioned in my previous posts. On top of that, it has a lifetime warranty

Women come in different body type for example, apple, pear, rectangle and hour glass. Each of these women has its own size and not by a simple Small, Medium and Large. So, do you ever wonder how these 3 lovely pieces are being measured and determined? 

We need to measure accordingly in 4 different places. However before the measurement taking begin, you need to make sure that you are:

  • wearing a good fitting bra
  • measuring in CM
  • keeping the measuring tape just right, not too tight, not too loose
  • standing up straight and not sucking up your stomach for waist measurement
The places that need to be measured are:
  • bust : it must be the hightest point of your breast
  • underbust : normally where you bra band is
  • waist : the smallest measurement of you body
  • hips : it must be the highest point of your buttocks area

I hope you ladies out there are clear with how to measure your body in order to get the right Premium Beautiful Corset set.

 If you do have questions on it or you want me to measure you, please by all means do contact me! I will be very happy to help out.

012-387 5486

Contact me now as the RAYA promotion is still ON.  It will last till 26th July 2013

Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Pregnancy Must-Haves

My Pregnancy Must-Haves

So far throughout my pregnancy, I must need certain stuff. This is my personal point of view and it might differ from any other pregnancy ladies out there. 

  • Daily supplements (Doctor's prescription) : to nourish my baby apart from eating healthy

      •  Acid Folic (first few weeks of my pregnancy)
      • Obimin
      • Calcium
      • Neurogain
      Picture courtesy of google.com
  • Fruits - just can't live without
      • Watermelon 
      • Papaya
      • Honeydew
      • Mango
  • My gadgets - to be updated with the world (or should I say with my friends) and keep on searching for information about pregnancy, baby nursery idea, to listen to my relaxation clips on YouTube, watch gentle birthing videos, to be able to connected to The Gentle Birthing Group on Facebook (Pro-gentle birthing group, Thank you Firdaus)
      • iPhone
      • iPad 
      • Laptop
  • Belly belt : first 20 weeks - in order to still wear my favourite jeans
Picture courtesy of google.com
  • Maternity pants and jeans : starting the 6th month - I particularly love with the band that covers all my belly for extra support. I got mine form H&M for RM59!!
Picture courtesy of google.com

  • Tops which is flowy, has spandex, lycra, jersey type, cardigan
 Haley Chiffon Blouse - Dark Green
Picture courtesy of ThePopLook.com 
  • Comfortable bra that supports and flatten my back : Premium Beautiful short bra
Picture courtesy of google.com
  • Comfy footwear : I'm living in this FitFlop even for work!
Picture courtesy of zappos.com
  • Childbirth book : Hypnobirthing, The Mongan Method, Ina May's Guide to childbirth
Picture courtesy of amazon.com
  • To be surscribe to Baby Center : I receive notification every week and see the progress of my little munchkin
  • At least 3 pillows (so far, what I need), some pregnant ladies need a pregnancy pillow
Picture courtesy of google.com
  • Belly lotion : Earth Mama Angel Baby Stretch Oil for night (Thanks Ayzee for the recommendation!) and Mama Bee Belly Butter for day
Picture courtesy of earthmamaanglebaby.com and burtsbee.com
  • WATER!!!
  • A portable fan : I feel hot sometimes in the office, Mr. Afif bought me a portable mini fan, such a happy woman I tell you!