Friday, November 30, 2007

..sountenance/presentation day..

woke up at 530 am.. tried to memorised all my text..
hen at 730 off to school with different type of clothing... shirt-pants..
during my first period, couldn't really concentrate..
the pressure was rising..
at 10 am..
left for amphi.. waiting for our turn to present our
project..the stress replaced the pressure..
headache.. sweating like madness..
at lunch,we havent present yet.
since i was so hungry..
left towards the canteen..
but couldn't really eat..
at 1330pm
back at the amphi..after a 15-min rehearsal
keep on waiting..
and guess what, we were the last one to present!
ahah.. at first i was shaking..then it went well..
but my friends gave me a sign to slow down in
haha.. then suddenly, while i was using the laser to point out
at our power point,
i was shaking! ahah..
but overall, for me it was a relief!fuh!

3 down 5 to go!

but coming up this weekend
  • report on electrotechnique
  • study electrotechnique
  • study automation
so back to 5!