Thursday, November 08, 2007


it's so gloomy for the past 2 days. ngantok sgt2! right now, i'm having a 3-hour of project. actually, the group consists of 3 people including me. our goal is to "build" a connection between pda, an automate and an interface between man and machine. so far, what we've done is just the paper work defining the need of the customer. we took about a month to do it actually i didn't really take part of doing it. all i've done are the reports with the customer, with our tutors, and updating our so-called dairy, not forgeting designing the logo and a poster. ahah! since i've done my part, so today i decided to really enter into the work that should really be done! figure out how to connect and send information from the automate to the interface man and machine. basically, kene la buat program on it but for now, tutorial is my best buddy! if u get what i mean.... nih la so far yg i buat.. with the help oc WinCC flexible.. if only there's someone out there, who could help me out..

2 days ago, i received a news telling me that rahul (my beloved batchleader) was admitted to the hospital because of her lungs. i called her straight away and she sounded so tired. she told me that it has been a week she was in the hospital. anyway, us munchers will be praying for u rahul..