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Friday, November 30, 2007

..sountenance/presentation day..

woke up at 530 am.. tried to memorised all my text..
hen at 730 off to school with different type of clothing... shirt-pants..
during my first period, couldn't really concentrate..
the pressure was rising..
at 10 am..
left for amphi.. waiting for our turn to present our
project..the stress replaced the pressure..
headache.. sweating like madness..
at lunch,we havent present yet.
since i was so hungry..
left towards the canteen..
but couldn't really eat..
at 1330pm
back at the amphi..after a 15-min rehearsal
keep on waiting..
and guess what, we were the last one to present!
ahah.. at first i was shaking..then it went well..
but my friends gave me a sign to slow down in
haha.. then suddenly, while i was using the laser to point out
at our power point,
i was shaking! ahah..
but overall, for me it was a relief!fuh!

3 down 5 to go!

but coming up this weekend
  • report on electrotechnique
  • study electrotechnique
  • study automation
so back to 5!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

..stressed out..

i'm so stressed out!
lots of stuff to do

- prepare a presentation in thursday
- study for an exam tomorrow
- continue with my project (i'm behind schedule!!)
- update my communication before friday
- start my report on electronics that should be hand in on friday

i'm out for the dayyy..

Sunday, November 25, 2007

..weekend away..

a weekend away with my dad in paris
in paris for the weekend
be back on sunday
and back to reality

Thursday, November 15, 2007


what can i do to get some cute cupcakes?
sgt kempunan la.
teringin sgt cupcakes with all those cute toppings.
aunty surya buat la for me. huhuh.
mcm makan2 hari tuh.
tapi sgt teringin the cupcakes from sosweetpliz
diorg punya cupcakes nampak sgt sedap!
tgk la!

can't wait! my dad's coming to paris next week!
tak sabar sgt nk jumpa dia!

Thursday, November 08, 2007


it's so gloomy for the past 2 days. ngantok sgt2! right now, i'm having a 3-hour of project. actually, the group consists of 3 people including me. our goal is to "build" a connection between pda, an automate and an interface between man and machine. so far, what we've done is just the paper work defining the need of the customer. we took about a month to do it actually i didn't really take part of doing it. all i've done are the reports with the customer, with our tutors, and updating our so-called dairy, not forgeting designing the logo and a poster. ahah! since i've done my part, so today i decided to really enter into the work that should really be done! figure out how to connect and send information from the automate to the interface man and machine. basically, kene la buat program on it but for now, tutorial is my best buddy! if u get what i mean.... nih la so far yg i buat.. with the help oc WinCC flexible.. if only there's someone out there, who could help me out..

2 days ago, i received a news telling me that rahul (my beloved batchleader) was admitted to the hospital because of her lungs. i called her straight away and she sounded so tired. she told me that it has been a week she was in the hospital. anyway, us munchers will be praying for u rahul..

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

..yum yum..

sedap tak tgk all the food tuh!
after je buat nih terus masak..tp takla sesedap kat iseo nih..
iseo n ih restaurant french yg paling asia.. paham tak? aha
itupun diorg yg claim..
anyway, for those who were there the pics are published
kat multiply..

Friday, November 02, 2007

..raya gathering..

last monday, there was a aidilfitri gathering in la rochelle. i'm glad dat i went cuz i saw so many ppl including the ppl i've never met. well basically, i left chateauroux on sunday morning with muchang and headed to tours. the journey took about 2 hours on bus. once we arrived there, muchang nak beli tiket to poitiers and then to la rochelle. but then, she had to que up to buy it coz there was a problem with the networking system. syaza called us half an hour later telling us the same thing happened in blois. she almost missed the train.about 1.30pm, we arrived in poitiers and we had to wait for like 2 hours for the next train to la rochelle. at 3.30pm, we left and we were supposed to see syaza on board. but we were seperated by 4 gerabak. haha. once we reached la rochelle, we realised we were in the same gerabak as dzaf (our senior). kinda funny coz after a "2 long-hour" ride. we thought there'll be somebody waiting for us but no! sad! huhu.. nvm, since i was in la rochelle for 2 years, i kinda know the place. the hotel wasn't all the bad! i was kinda satisfied with the room. it was big for the 3 of us(me syaza and muchang). so a lot of place to campak our stuff around! ekek.. for dinner, we went to "le Rif" my favourite kebab shop! remind me of the ol' time. lepaq2 till 22h.then we left for billard. it's been a long time. never a good at it. but fun! hung out till 2 am. played a few round of billard with ali, edie, kayroll, ed. the day of the event has arrived. the fete started at 13h.but we left the hotel at 12h30. sampai2 je dah ramai org. segan gakla. mulalah ativitiku mengambil gambar. met my profs yg i thought i would never see them again. bad experience la with them! the foos was good! ader nasi brayani, roti jala, kari ayam, agar2, satay! sedap2! ekeke..rindu gak kat all my friends nih! all the pics that i took will be published at my multiply site. go check it out later!the event ended at 3pm. after a few hours of resting, we had a dinner in ISEO, a restaurant in centre ville. my favourite restaurant la! thanks to yiliefor inviting us. ramai giler turn up. there was like aroun 20 ppl. the restaurant was full with malaysians. ahah! the dinner was so long. ala-ala french gitu. started ordering at 830pm and ended eating dessert at 12am. long huh? yeah the pics also will be published in multiply.