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Dhirah Abdullah

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Friday, April 06, 2007

..21st bday..

yup it's my 21st birthday!! getting old! but as my mom say.. 21st birthday has it's own special meaning.. and that would me the freedom but at the same time.. the freedom comes with responsibility! it's true! but i don't want to be 21 yet!!! i still wanna be a TEEENNager!!!!!
biggest thanks to my SAYANG!!! called me at 12am and read me a poem!! kalau nak bace, carik kat my frenster! sweet sgt!!!special thanks to MUCHANG for organizing my surprise bday celebration! serious..i didn't expect for any.. coz tomorrow will be having my electroniccccssss exam!!!! thanks to Delphine, Jean-Pierre, abg yiiedd and tupikk for coming!!! and to all yang wish kat frenster, email, msn, phone, sume la and not forgetting JPA PARIS for sending an email wishing happy birthday!! wah, pelik nye!