Monday, February 19, 2007

being in love is the best thing that i ever imagine. thinking there's somebody care about u.. somebody that u can really spill ever single thing that is inside ur heart..somebody that misses u..and loves u for who u are.. that's the best thing...yeah i know there are ups and downs but that's make the relationship so meaningful.. at a certain points, u felt that u wanna quit but with those feelings, those does make u think twice about quitting..

long distance relationship is difficult and there are so many sacrifices that u have to make.. having this relationship with him for the past 2 years has been great..i would never ever wanna exchange it with anything..relationship based on trust, love, faith,hope and prayers that made it us reach to this point..hopefully, with god's will this will pay off.. yes..i do agree that fights come around from time to time..but no matter how angry,sad and pissed..the love will never ever fade..with a little of hope, it'll work up and it's worth it.

Haley James Scott - Halo

ps: dedicated to u know who u r...