Tuesday, December 05, 2006

..family, i love..

the day that i was waiting for,the 28th november 2006.at 6pm my family arrived with thier 8 lugages..i was worried at first because i didn't see them. but then, i saw them at last. we took a cab to go back to my place but there was an accident in the middle of the road so we had to do a detour! last resort, we had to walk back since the cab driver left us at a corner 5-minute-walk from my place. it was perfectly fine with me but it wasn't for my family. obviously, they took a train from london at 9am and then straight to chateauroux.later than night, we had kebab for dinner since i was tired to cook! since the next day i'll be having a maths, so after dinner, i straight away did my studying. it was difficult to concentrate!!

29th november 2006- the day of maths test! i woke up at 530am, yup to continue studying and left the house at 730am when my dad and my brother were asleep. i know they were tired. at lunch time, i came back and as expected my mom cooked somthing for me! something that i miss so much!!! rendang!!! after an hour and the half of break, i went back to class and having the hard time to concentrate.after class, my family and i walked around the centre ville and bought some stuff from carrefour. thank you ayah and mama for helping bringing.we walked to his house. back my stuff and tidying up my house!! for dinner, we went to amine's place (my classmate). his mother had invited us to have dinner at thier place the week before.yup, it was time for a change. we had a morrocan dinner. COUSCOUS! it was tasty but then senang sgt kenyang!

30th november.. the time flew so fast! that morning, i went to the laundry with my mom early morning. yup, got sume stuff to settle! then i went straight to class. as usual, i had my lunch at home!!! mom's cook is always the BEST!!! later that evening, my family came to IUT to see the stuff! ekek.. yup, it's small..but it's fun! Afiq's dream came thru! she got to skate. "at least, dpt gak skate kat france" she said.

1st december.. the day we left for paris! our train was at 1140am but then there was a 10-minute delay! it's okay! in the train, my mom and i, we talked about a lot of stuff. remembering the old times. selalu borak ngn mama. miss la! once we arrived in paris, 2 hours later, we got to search for the hotel! OMG it sucked! the hotel is like on top of a hill. and the fact that my dad had to carry the luggage up the stairs was really sedih. never seen him like that. so bersusah payah. once we arrived at the hotel, sgt melegakan. satu beban went off our shoulders. after the solat, we left for the big city! destination : La defense, L'arc de Triomph and Champs Elysees. did a lil' shopping with my mom. although we went to only 3 places, our legs were not that strong bak kata mama, lekang lutut!

2nd december.. another day of touring around paris. destination : Sacre-coeur, chalet les halles(makan kfc), mosquee de paris and last but not least, Eiffel tower! sacre-coeur is situated on top of a hill where we can see the whole of paris! but then to climb up the stairs, it was tiring. kesian tgk ayah. had to stop in the middle. according to my dad's gps, the hight is about 100 meters. mane la tak penat! but then once we arrived at the top, it was worth it! it was noon so, chalet les halles was our next destination! byk halangan betul nak gi kfc. tak jumpe jln kuar la ape la.. etc.. penat! but then once makan je kenyang tahap melampau! and sedap.. don't worry kfc in france halal! solat itu tiang agama, so we headed to the mosque alhamdulillah it was really easy. my mom said, apa yang kita niat tuh baik insyallah akan dikurniakan. once we arrived there, there were so many people, there were some turkish girls, the locals etc.. but whatever it was, there were a lot of people! and last but not least, the highlight, the eiffel tower!!!!we wanted to go there during sunset but then we were a lil' late. the queue to climb up the tower were like so long just like the snake berlingkar. sgt ramai orang,mana tak it was a saturday!

3rd december.. the day they left!it the saddest day. it's been a few days filled with laughter but now, they already left! thank you for coming ayah, mama, afiq, and akmal! love you guys so much!