Monday, December 11, 2006

..5 years ago..

Actually this is from my friendster bulletin, and i think it's gonna be good to answer all this questions.

How old were you?: 15 years old
Where did you go to school?: smk sri aman
Where did you work?: was still in school.. yup preparing my pmr but wait exactly 5 years agos, chilling out after PMR and waiting for the result
Where did you live?: Kg tunku, Petaling Jaya.. I miss those times!!!!
Where did you hang out?: well.. OU..midvalley
How was your hair style?: always been short
Did you wear braces?: nope
Did you wear glasses? nope
Who was your best friend?: i have a few close friends.. erm..!! i miss them!!
Who was your regular-person crush?: erm.. well.. jgn marah ye syg.. it was YOYO..
Who was your celebrity crush?: Nick CARTER!!!
How many tattoos did you have?: 5 years ago?? erm.. 2 i guess
How many piercings did you have?: 2
What car did you drive?: gimme a break.. i was 15!!
What was your favorite band/group?: BACKSTREET BOYS
What was your worst fear? not be able to fullfill my parents dream of getting straight A's
Had you driven yet?: nope!
Had you been arrested?: nope! i'm a good girl!but not that good...
Had you been to a real party yet?: erm.. bbq..bday party.. are those consider as real party??
Had your heart broken?: nope..cinta monyet la!!!
Single/Taken/Married/Divorced/Bitter: proudly SINGLE!!

NOW : 2006
How old are you?: 20 years old
What grade are you in?: 1st year in engineering
Where do you go to school?: IUT de chateauroux
Where do you work?: not yet..
Where do you live?: Chateauroux, france
Where do you hang out?: tgk la...normally at home!!!!
Do you have braces?: never had one
Do you wear glasses?: nope
Who is your best friend?: still the same person!!!
Still talk to any of your old friends?: yup!!! oh god i miss them so much!!! jo..peii..bal..sol..aimi!!!
Who is your celebrity crush?: erm.. let me see.. erm..chad micheal murray..? (plz ghet back to brooke , lucas scottttt!!)
How many piercings do you have?: still 2
How many tattoos?: none
What kind of car do you have?: dun have one
What is your favorite band/group?: still bsb? ekek..
What is your biggest fear?; failing.. not able to fullfill my parents dream of entering ecole d'inginieur
Have you been arrested since?: never..
Has your heart been broken?: i would say never..
Single/Taken/Married/Divorced/Bitter: proudly TAKEN!!! love you sayang...