Friday, November 24, 2006


23rd november 2006 is marked in my calender because of 1 reason

The lost of my bracelet

but why you my dear. i look for you everwhere on my bed, thru my jackets, sweaters and even the pathway going to IUT.

but where are you?

i miss you so much! even though i didnt pay much attention to you but you meant a lot for me. you were given to me from my parents for my 18th birthday present and also for my 2003 SPM result. you were bought on the 25th march 2004 , in poh kong jewellery SS2. you have white gold a few heart shape carving with diamonds in each one if it.

because i love you so much, i took you off my hand only during ski and sailing. that were the only times but still how can you leave me like this..?