Thursday, November 23, 2006 last..

after a few days of strees, now my maths, physics and orcad exam are done! at least the freedom is here but it's not forever. there's another paper of maths and logic comig my way! got to start now! i mean now now!!

something happened while i was walking back home from iut. there was a french lady came up to me and started talking about performing solat, learning to recite surah etc, wearing scarf etc. yeah it's so rare to hear a french saying that. apetah lagi to witness it. she said that she's ready to convert. alhamdulillah! i was so terharu when she said that. she asked me where should she go if she wants to convert. personally, even me myself not sure of it. but i guess, the mosque is the best! at first i tot, she wanted to persuade me to learn adn practice another religio coz that happened to me berfore.

alhamdulillah, soyez de bienvenue!

"The Only Religion in the sight of God is Islam."(Quran 3:19)